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I want to show the world is beautiful but not always new, clean and fashionables... The world can be natural, old or even ruined, but in everything you can see something interesting and even magical :-) I do not write too much because I like to take photos than write. I am trying to describe all the important information that can be helpful when exploring or planning a trip in my blog.

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Metallica - concert in Warsaw Poland

Mega spectacle - a concert with brilliant music and an unforgettable visual and pyrotechnic setting.

A strong quotation from James Hetfield:
If you want to live forever, then first you must die

Warsaw, 21.08.2019.


The most beautiful trails in the Bieszczady Mountains

The most interesting and the most beautiful hiking trails in the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland - wild mountains, extensive mountain pastures, stunning views, natural forests and animal habitats ...

I recommend a trip to the Bieszczady Mountains not during the holiday season - in the spring with amazing greenery, blooming flowers and dynamically changing weather or autumn when beech forests amaze with colors ...


Spherical photos from the Bieszczady Mountains

Mountain views on spherical panoramas from the wild Bieszczady Mountains in Poland - Połonina Wetlińska, Połonina Caryńska, Tarnica, Smerek, Otryt and the valley of the San River.

The valley of the San River near Chmiel village.
Amazing view of the San River and the highest peak of the Bieszczady Mountains - Tarnica near Dwerniczek.
A beautiful sunset and a view of Połonina Caryńska, Połonina Wetlińska and the Smerek Mountain.


Spherical photos from Gdansk

Spherical panoramas (360 degrees) of the Old Town of Gdańsk and the Museum of the Second World War.

Aerial view of the Gdansk old town at sunrise.

Aerial panorama of Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk.


Tenerife - tourist attractions

Why do I like Tenerife and other Canary Islands? For peace! There are no problems! Everything can be done! If not today, then tomorrow, or in a week :-) Such peace is probably because the sun is shining ... How is the heat and the sun is shining, there are no problems! You can slow down here!
You will find here answers to the questions:
What is worth seeing in Tenerife? Where to go for trekking? What are the costs of renting a car in Tenerife? What is the weather in Tenerife in autumn, winter or spring? North or South Tenerife?


The best trails in the Western Tatras

Hiking trails in the Western Tatras - amazing scenery, long valleys, forests, mountain streams, trees, glades, nature ... and in the mountains above the forest, space and beautiful views...
Trails are not difficult - there is not much climbing ... but the distances are quite significant. It is worth to do the condition before you go :-)
If you like mountains, landscapes and nature - you have to go there!


Pictures from Rzucewo in Poland

Afternoon walk with camera in Rzucewo and surroundings.

The castle in Rzucewo, the park, the pier, the Puck Bay coast, the forest, the cliff in Rzucewo, the cormorants and the lime alley are just some of the attractions in this quiet and peaceful place.

Several test shots of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II camera with standard M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm f / 2.8 ED PRO lens and one with Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 9mm f / 8.0 Fisheye to compare the width of the frame.