Tenerife - tourist attractions

Why do I like Tenerife and other Canary Islands? For peace! There are no problems! Everything can be done! If not today, then tomorrow, or in a week :-) Such peace is probably because the sun is shining ... How is the heat and the sun is shining, there are no problems! You can slow down here!

There is everything! Do you like beaches? They are there! Do you like mountains? They are there! And everything right next to each other! In the morning, the ocean, the beach and relax ... and on the afternoon and evening in the mountains! Cool! For this problem-free car rental for a normal price and cheap fuel ...

The Canary Islands are not big but each one looks a little different - it is worth seeing all of them! The main attraction of the islands is nature! Amazing landscapes - mountains, ravines, volcanoes, valleys, cliffs, ocean coast, beaches... There are of course tourist attractions such as amusement parks: Siam Park water park or Loro Park zoo, there are also typical tourist places with sandy beaches, bars, discos and shopping malls: Las Americas, Los Cristianos. But in my opinion, what is the most interesting in Tenerife is nature. You just have to leave the hotel to see many interesting and amazing places: volcanic beaches and rocky coast, forests growing on lava fields, gorges deep into several hundred meters, mountains, volcanoes and architecture.


Things to See and Do in Tenerife


Tenerife weather in November

We left for the Canary Islands in autumn, winter or spring, and almost always the temperature was around 22-27°C during the day and warm evenings, sometimes even very warm. Such a summer in November, or in January or March ...


North or South Tenerife?

My answer is: in autumn, winter and spring - I recommend the southern or western part of the island (from Los Gigantes to the south) because it is sunny and warm. There are more clouds in the north, sometimes it rains and it is colder.