The best trails in the Western Tatras

Hiking trails in the Western Tatras - amazing scenery, long valleys, forests, mountain streams, trees, glades, nature ... and in the mountains above the forest, space and beautiful views... Trails are not difficult - there is not much climbing ... but the distances are quite significant. It is worth to do the condition before you go :-) If you like mountains, landscapes and nature - you have to go there!

Mountain trail: Chochołowska Valley - Trzydniowiański Wierch

Siwa Polana - Chochołowska Valley (Dolina Chochołowska) - Trzydniowiański Wierch - Polana Trzydniówka - Siwa Polana

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Trekking to Kopa Kondracka and Kasprowy Wierch

Nędzówka - Przysłop Miętusi - Wielka Polana w Dolinie Małej Łąki - Kondracka Przełęcz - Kondracka Kopa - Kasprowy Wierch

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Czerwone Wierchy, Mountain trail in the Tatras

Nędzówka - Przysłop Miętusi - Małołączniak - Ciemniak - Kiry

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