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We decided to go for a long weekend to the Czarna Góra ski station in the second half of March. We left on a Friday morning and around 14 we were already there. After a light dinner, we went for night skiing! Ski conditions were very good. A lot of snow and well-prepared trails. The weather was perfect :-)

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March in Czarna Gora

March in Czarna Gora

It was a warm and sunny weekend in March.

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A lot of snow on the ski slopes

A lot of snow on the ski slopes

Snow-capped slopes on the Czarna Góra (Black Mountain) - there is a microclimate - around spring but here (even in the forest) over a meter of snow.

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Stronie Slaskie

Stronie Slaskie

View of the valley and Stronie Śląskie village and then Stronie Śląskie city :-) Village and town have the same name: Stronie Śląskie - amazing Poland!

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Early spring in the mountains

Early spring in the mountains

Spring morning in the Bialskie Mountains - you have to see the spherical photo - the best effect is in 3D glasses or monitor full screen :-)

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Sienna Poland

Sienna Poland

Road to Sienna from Stronie Śląskie.

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Puchaczowka Restaurant and Pension

Puchaczowka Restaurant and Pension

We returned to Puchaczówka after two years - still very good food, friendly service and nice guest house. Here are some photos and a description of our previous stay in Puchaczowka guest house.

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Bialskie Mountains

Bialskie Mountains

Bialskie Mountains at sunrise - I like such mountain landscapes.

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We stayed here:

Puchaczówka Sienna

Excellent guesthouse and great restaurant

Sienna 5C
57-550 Stronie Slaskie, Poland

Very nice guest house very close to the ski resort Czarna Góra.

Room nice, clean, big.
Bathroom very nice.
Breakfast in the next building - very good.

Photos of the guesthouse, inn and restaurant.

Great restaurant - very good food and very nice service.

All pictures were taken by LG 4G phone.



Guesthouse Złote Góry

Sienna 5H
57-550 Stronie Śląskie, Poland

Very nice guesthouse near the Czarna Góra (Black Mountain) Ski Resort.

Warm, dry, nice rooms and bathrooms.

Good breakfasts and tasty dinners.

Free Wi-Fi.



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