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The Baroque pilgrimage church: Our Dear Lady of Święta Lipka. A beautiful monument of Baroque architecture and a tourist attraction in Masurian Lake District in Poland.

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Święta Lipka, basilica

Święta Lipka, basilica

The pilgrimage church. The Basilica Our Dear Lady of Święta Lipka.

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Basilica in Święta Lipka

Basilica in Święta Lipka

Baroque basilica located in a small village in Mazury about 7 km from Reszel and 14 km from Kętrzyn.

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Church in Święta Lipka

Church in Święta Lipka

The baroque interior of the basilica in Święta Lipka. Gold, sculptures, paintings ... modestly ... just as Jesus commanded his followers ...

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Baroque organs

Baroque organs

Baroque organs in the basilica were made in 1719-1721 by Jan Josu Mosengl.

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Vault of the main nave

Vault of the main nave

Baroque paintings on the vault of the main nave in the basilica.

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The altar in the basilica

The altar in the basilica

Baroque main altar (1712-1714) in the Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Święta Lipka.

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