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Lake Kalwa and Pasym

Lake Kalwa and Pasym

Pasym, as seen in the photo, is a charming town located by Lake Kalwa. The surroundings of the lake are incredibly attractive for tourists. Picturesque landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere create perfect conditions for outdoor activities such as water sports, fishing or just a relaxing walk along the lake shore. Kalwa is a large and branching lake with an area of over 560 hectares. It stretches for 6 kilometers in length and has a width of 1.5 kilometers. The average depth of the lake is 7 meters, and the maximum depth is nearly 32 meters. It is a bream lake, with dominant species including bream, tench, pike, roach, perch, and eel. There are quiet zones on Lake Kalwa and there is a total ban on using motorboats.

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