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Iceland - How to Travel

Iceland - How to Travel

Driving in Iceland is a great way to see the country and have the most freedom. The road quality is generally good, but it can vary depending on the region and time of year. Most major roads are well-maintained asphalt, but local roads can be narrow and unpaved. It is a good idea to rent a car with high ground clearance and larger wheels. When picking up your car, pay attention to the condition of the tires. If you are planning on driving on side roads, always pay attention to the signs. It is often the case that the asphalt suddenly ends and you can drive onto a gravel road with large potholes or rocks. When planning your trip, pay attention to whether the navigation has not plotted a route that leads through a river. Never drive into a river with a rented car, even if it seems very shallow. I have heard from people who live in Iceland that in season they pull tourists out of rivers or streams every day, and such an attraction is very expensive. Additionally, pay attention to the travel time. If the navigation shows that you will be driving 30 kilometers for an hour and 20 minutes, know that it will not be an easy ride.

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