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How to Travel to Iceland on a Budget

How to Travel to Iceland on a Budget

Iceland can be affordable, especially for a group of four. Renting a car with friends splits the costs of fuel and rental. Airbnb accommodations are an economical alternative, and cooking your own meals and shopping at larger stores (such as Bonus, Kronan) can help save on food. Switching to a vegetarian diet will also significantly reduce costs (fish and meat are really expensive here). Don't plan on buying alcohol - if you want to enjoy a glass of wine or a drink, bring it with you. Most attractions in Iceland are free. You only have to pay for parking. Sometimes, you can find free parking even near popular attractions - before you park, take a close look at the Google map because many of these places are marked. If you can, travel off-season. Prices are much lower then, but be aware: some hiking trails aren't opened until mid-June. Explore Iceland on your own. Group tours are expensive.

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