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The highest mountain in Iceland

The highest mountain in Iceland

Hvannadalshnúkur is a majestic mountain in southern Iceland, and the highest peak in the country. The peak is part of the Vatnajökull glacier, which is the largest glacier in Europe. Rising to an impressive 2,110 meters above sea level, Hvannadalshnúkur is often summited by avid climbers and adventure enthusiasts. Climbing Hvannadalshnúkur is a unique challenge that rewards its summiters with not only stunning panoramas, but also a sense of triumph over nature. The peak is challenging to climb, requiring good physical fitness and mountaineering skills. The first ascent of the peak took place in 1813. Hikes to Hvannadalshnúkur are organized by many tour companies in Iceland. Hikes are led by experienced guides who provide gear and essential information. The price of hikes to Hvannadalshnúkur ranges from around 300 to 500 euros per person. The price depends on the length of the hike, the number of participants, and the services offered.

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