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Spodek in Katowice

Spodek in Katowice

Spodek is an indoor arena located in Katowice at 35 Wojciech Korfanty Avenue. It is one of the most famous venues in Poland and one of the city's symbols. Spodek was designed by Maciej Gintowt, Wacław Zalewski, Maciej Krasiński, Andrzej Zorawskieigo, and Jerzy Hryniewicz. It was built in the years 1964-1971. It is one of the first structures in the world with a roof made of tensegrity. Spodek is 32 meters high and 126 meters in diameter. The roof of the arena is made of 120 load-bearing cables that support the roof covering. Spodek is a multi-purpose venue that can accommodate up to 11,500 people. It is used to organize sporting events, concerts, trade fairs, and other events.

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