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Mazury - a true wonder of nature

Mazury - a true wonder of nature

Mazury is a true natural wonder. It is an area full of picturesque lakes, lush forests, and charming meadows. Forests cover about 50% of the area of Mazury. They are home to many species of animals, including beavers, otters, elk, and even wolves. In addition to lakes and forests, Mazury also has many rivers and wetlands. The Krutynia, Łyna, Sapina, and Pisa rivers are popular kayaking trails, and the wetlands of the Ełk Lakeland are home to many species of birds. Mazury is a region with unique natural features that make it a popular destination for nature tourism. For lovers of nature and landscape photography, Mazury offers endless possibilities. Sunsets over lakes, wild animals in the forest, birds on the water and in the swamps, beautiful landscapes are the inspirations that attract photographers from all over the world. Cyclists will discover the charm of numerous trails leading through picturesque forests and fields. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the wealth of lakes and rivers.

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