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Rzucewo Brickyard (Cegielnia Rzucewo)

Wedding and banquet hall in the old brick factory in Rzucewo for 200 people.

Great industrial interior and nice location over the Puck Bay.

Cegielnia Rzucewo (Old Brickyard) ul. Rzucewska 4, 84-122 Rzucewo

Rzucewo is pretty and a very interesting place - worth a trip there for a walk to the castle, on the pier or at the Cliff Rzucewo.

I invite you to watch: Rzucewo from a bird's eye view and photo report from the walk: Pictures from Rzucewo in Poland


Hotels, Pensions, Accommodations

Accommodations are not possible in the brickyard but you can see the offer of a nearby hotel in the castle or guest houses in the surrounding towns: Book Your Room in Rzucewo


See full screen or better on your smartphone using smart goggles - it is fun!


This is what the Brickyard looks like from a bird's eye view


Photos from the wedding hall


There is a pond with a small pier, alleys, benches, park, sea view in the Brickyard - perfect place for photo sessions!

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