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Shooting with a drone in winter

Shooting with a drone in winter

More technically advanced drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro can fly and photograph in sub-zero temperatures. Their operating temperature range is from -10 to 40 Celsius degrees. Cheaper drones, e.g. DJI Air or DJI Air 2, are not designed to fly in sub-zero temperatures. The manufacturer states that the operating temperature range of these drones is from 0 to 40 Celsius degrees (32 to 104 F). If you want to fly on a frosty day, you do it at your own risk. But to be honest, the only problem I noticed when flying DJI Air in winter at minus 10 Celsius degrees is the speed of battery discharge. In addition, it is very important that the batteries are warm before take-off. It is worth keeping them in the inner pocket and inserting them into the drone just before turning it on and taking off.

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