Puchaczówka Sienna

Excellent guesthouse and great restaurant

Sienna 5C
57-550 Stronie Slaskie, Poland

Very nice guest house very close to the ski resort Czarna Góra. Room nice, clean, big. Bathroom very nice. Breakfast in the next building - very good and varied. The sauna is included in the price of the guest house.

Great restaurant - great food and very nice service.

Photos of the guesthouse, inn and restaurant:

The name of the guesthouse "Puchaczówka" comes from the name of bird eagle-owl (puchacz)

Puchaczówka Guesthouse


Room in the guest house


Bathroom with shower

Breakfast at Puchaczówka Inn

Puchaczówka Restaurant

Discount card for the guest at the guest house

Barbeque place

All pictures were taken by LG 4G phone.